Thoughts and Ramblings

On this page I will attempt to write regularly about what I do and what I think. Initially, I will regale you with the trials and tribulations of my first steps on this creative journey. After that, I'll have to be more creative.

The Art of Repetition


Mastering Landscape Photography through Multiple Visits ...more

Wide Angle Wonders


Learn how to use wide angle lenses to create immersive landscape images. ...more

Beyond The Obvious


Discover the exciting possibilities of Intentional Camera Movement and Multiple Exposure. ...more

Super Sharp Landscape Photographs: Tips for Beginners and Beyond


Unlock the secrets of super sharp landscape photographs: expert tips for beginners and beyond! learn the techniques needed to elevate your landscape photography game. ...more

Mastering The Art Of Landscape Photography; 5 Proven Techniques To Elevate Your Shots.


Looking for ways to take better landscape photographs? Here is a short list of simple techniques you should use. ...more



How I create my photographs; from leaving the house to the finished image. ...more

Why I Take Photographs


I'm often asked why I take started taking photographs and what keeps me going. ...more

Work Got In The Way


A short backpacking trip to Small Water. ...more

Pushing The Button


What creates the excitement and the worries for me as I launch my website? ...more